Review – Tiffany and Coco – Rocks Off

By on October 26, 2018

It’s tricky naming a product for the adult industry, and Rocks Off have struck gold christening one of their celebrated bullet vibrators. Tiffany conjures up the enduring legacy of a gamine Audrey Hepburn with her timeless elegance and unique femininity. The name also reminds us of the enduring appeal Hepburn’s film imparted to the Tiffany store itself, rendering its jewellery aspirational and thereby utterly seductive.


Either way, the name Tiffany is an excellent moniker for an intentionally covetable item: in this case the soft-tipped bullet vibrator from the Rocks Off Opulent Pleasures line. This collection embraces the Tiffany and Coco bullets, two very different but equally attractive bullet vibes.

With a nod to one of the most popular fashion trends of the last few years, Coco offers a vertically ribbed rose gold exterior, making for eye-catching shadows and shiny pink highlights. Meanwhile, you may not be surprised to learn that Rocks Off have taken the inspiration for Tiffany’s design from the prominent jewelers themselves, the bullet being designed in a silvery aqua sheen with robin’s egg blue trim: very familiar with very classy connotations.

The packaging for both Tiffany and Coco is matched to their individual styles, with shiny card marbled in corresponding aqua and rose-gold. The window enables the buyer to see the contents clearly, and for a product such as Tiffany this particular feature couldn’t be better: not only does its name transmit a shrewd and artful message, but its presentation also sends an similar subliminal message – and with effortless success, too. Job done!

It helps of course that the items seem to be designed as ‘objets’ as much as sex toys, because if a visitor spotted Coco or Tiffany on a mantelpiece they might easily mistake it for a luxury lighter, lipstick case or even stylish USB key.

Affordable yet aspirational, these various products by Rocks Off reveal anything but casual approaches to product placement. Because late nights and early mornings were never so seductive, and besides – we’d all love breakfast at Tiffany’s someday, amiright?
Mia More

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