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By on May 29, 2020

Well this goes back to my love of adult films, when I was in school, back then there was no internet where you could download porn, so you would have to go to a video store to rent  VHS tapes. I remember looking through my grandfather’s explicit movie collection and I was always fascinated with naked women. I started visiting the local adult stores when I lived in Pennsylvania where I grew up and became a very good customer.

Eventually the store offered me a job which I thought they would never do as I was one of their best customers but I found myself very knowledgeable about adult films and obviously I saved a lot of money as I got to watch a lot of great porn and quickly I started managing three of the stores. I was moving around, and it gave me a good sense of retail, retail management and knowledge of the product and pricing etc.

I ended up moving to a different city in Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, I purchased a camcorder and back then there were no agents especially on the East Coast,  well there were agents but they were on the west coast of the US so we had to go out and look for strippers and dancers and try to talk them into doing adult films and at the time I was in my 20s but I looked like I was 16 so I’m going to the strip clubs and the girls laugh at me not thinking I was very serious. I would have to tip them a lot to take me seriously but eventually we found a girl and I was to perform, and a colleague was going to film it.

Of course, it didn’t work out the first time so well, so we had to figure it out and try again, that second time it worked but you know that’s often how things go.

Where are you know and where do you want to be career wise

I’m at a point where I’m exactly where I want to be. I don’t have to be in the office every day and I wanted to start my own studio, that’s pretty demanding on a daily basis, but I’ve found a good balance between filming and administration. The biggest frustration is when you’re trying to do something creative and still maintain a business, so I’m in a good place where I don’t  have to commit myself to either on a specific day, I can balance out my schedule between leisure, office management and filming, but there is some aspect of each of these in my daily schedule.

Last book that you read

I’m a fan of old school punk rock music, there is a singer from a band, he wrote a biography called ‘My Riot’ its’ by Roger Miret, from the band, ‘Agnostic Front’.  He came from Lower East Side New York, it was a kind of war zone there in the 80’s which is now a trendy place with cafes etc, anyway he survived, it was very tough, he tours the world with his band, I’m always inspired to hear peoples different life stories and how they succeed through adversity.

Favourite TV Show/Movies

I like horror movies and sci fi, I don’t have a lot of time to enjoy a lot of films, I’m especially interested in a lot of reality-based material. There is a show in the USA called,’ The First 48’, which documents a murder crime scene investigation, I’m always fascinated by stuff like that. 

On a side note, we licence a lot of content for TV shows now, there’s a show on HBO called, ‘Euphoria’, it’s a series about some kids living the fast life and partying.  In the digital age they all watch porn on their phones, so we get contacted to supply them with content. I’ve actually filmed a segment for this mainstream TV show, we’ve kind of become the ‘go to’ place to licence adult film clips for some of the more popular TV shows.

What did you want to be growing up

First it was a Police Officer, but as you grow up you have interactions with the police (laugh), you might change your mind,  I quickly realized that I loved to do something with cameras and film, from polaroids, to the first little digital cameras, I knew it would have something to do with photography or filming.

Leisure interests

Quad biking, mountain biking, I hike around LA, I travel a bit when I can, a lot of my love for photography I bring into it,  the nature, weather phenomenon’s, all kinds of fun stuff, a lot of the stuff I do professionally I also do in my own time as a hobby.

Age –   47

Residence –  Los Angeles

Movies –    1000

Awards (selection)

2007 AVN Best New Video Production Company

2008 AVN Director of the Year (Body of Work)

2009 XRCO Hall Of Fame

2010 XBIZ Studio of the Year

2011 AVN Hall of Fame 

2020 Best Star Showcase Angela White – Dark Side


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