Review – Buck Angel Fun Boy – Perfect Fit Brand

By on October 26, 2018

Every so often Perfect Fit launches a new product line so innovative – yet somehow so obvious – that its very originality is groundbreaking. Take the Buck Angel range, made in collaboration with celebrated trans advocate and porn star Buck himself.

Yes, Perfect Fit’s Buck Angel items are designed for the Female To Male trans man by. An. Actual. F.T.M. Trans. Man. This may sound obvious but – for example – many sex toy companies still sell items for women that are conceived and manufactured by men. This is not only embarrassingly arrogant in theory, but in practice also means the end result often misses its mark.

We were sent the Buck Angel Fun Boy ‘Soft Hollow Strap-On; Packer; Extender’ in both available sizes (6.5” and 4.5”) and colours (black and transparent). Each Fun Boy was visible in its smart, masculine packaging, sporting a photo of Buck over the front of the box along with his quote, ‘Love Your Body, Love Yourself’ on the top.

We loved the style of the Fun Boy harness, emblazoned all around with the Perfect Fit logo like a pair of ‘90s Calvins, and how it made the dong hang loose like a real cock (gorgeous!). It also shaped up nicely against the weight of our jeans.

Our previous Packers from other brands have lost their shape, colour and texture over time, but the soft and comfortable, scent and phtalate-free SilaSkin™ of the Fun Boy looked to have greater longevity – and flexibility of use: ingeniously, the Hollow in the balls can be used to hold a bullet vibe, while the shaft can be filled by a well-endowed trans guy (or less girthy cis-man) and used as an Extender, making it ideal for soft ‘pack and play’. We’d love it if Perfect Fit offered extra sleeves to slide inside the Hollow, making it a bespoke size for the wearer – especially if they’re just starting their HRT journey.

With integrity comes a loyal clientele, and Perfect Fit have built quite a following in the years they’ve been established. We love their all-embracing inventiveness and can’t wait to see what the future will bring: “Amazing is our standard™” indeed!
Mia More

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