3 Tips For Pleasure With The Award Winning S8

By on May 3, 2016

Design so sleek it won a 2016 Red Dot Design Award. And that’s no small feat. Red Dot Design Awards have been around for 50 years and they recognize some of the most prestigious brands in design.

Why is design so important when it comes to pleasure enhancement?
Well, design takes a lot of consideration for many factors. My own partner was a high-end designer, working with some of the top celebrities in Los Angeles. He’s a snob when it comes to how a product is designed. From the look, to how it feels, to how it interacts with the people using the product. For a pleasure product great design is vital! The designer has to take into account the way the product will feel in someone’s hand, how it interacts with their anatomy, the different features and functions it will provide.

How do you bring yourself to greater pleasure with the award winning designed S8?

Here are 3 tips:
Tip One: Get Creative
The great thing about the S8 is the versatility of use. You can shape it, twist it and turn it to fit your body and what it wants on any given day.

With the flatter wider pad you will find some sensation ridges, these can be great to play on your clitoris. Simply press in and then rub up and down using the other end as a handle. If you love friction skip the lubricant, but if you like a more sensual slide and glide make sure to apply plenty.
You can flip the S8 around and then bend it, so that it can be inserted with the small end, then press the external part into your clitoris.

You can also flip again, pressing the flat part into your anus (more on that in tip 3).
Told you it was versatile!

Tip Two: Play With A Partner
You can have your partner play with the S8 all over your body! From your lips, to your nipples, to your clitoris.
You could even use the S8 during intercourse, simply insert one end and move it in an L shape so that the flat pad touches your clitoris. Then your partner can penetrate you with fingers or penis to give you more G-spot sensation.

Tip Three: Anal Play
This is especially useful if your partner or you are just starting out with anal play. The smaller longer part of the S8 is inserted easily into the anus (make sure you have plenty of warm-up first). Then bend the flatter area onto the perineum for added stimulation and vibration.

If you are playing with a person who also has a vagina, you can then move into intercourse with vaginal penetration for a double penetration experience! It’s a bit more advanced, but this is some award winning design we are talking about!

Now it’s time to try these tips on your own, and tell me all about it on ClubCalExotics.com.

By: Jaiya, CalExotics Expert Sexpert

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