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By on December 19, 2019

How I got into performing in adult movies
I was quite old, 35 years in fact when I decided to do it. I started performing in Germany. I was born in Romania, but then moved to Germany later. Before porn I had lots of jobs, I was in sales, marketing, fashion, IT, I was always travelling.
My first amateur shoot was in Germany, then I worked for multiple German production houses/studios, then the European studios in France, Spain, UK, then around 2002 in the USA.

My first scene
It was lots of fun, the production crew actually said this can’t be your first scene, you are doing everything correct, it’s very professional. I did it the way I wanted it to be seen by the viewer, I used to do competitive ballroom dancing, I like to be in limelight, in show business, even in IT I did a lot of public speaking, speeches on stage, so I guess it was kind of natural for me, on camera.

How has my performance changed over time
Of course, you get more experienced over time and sometimes a story or script-based movie requires some acting but most of the time, it’s not acting its performing, sex performance, so I just keep performing.

How has performing assisted me to evolve as a person
I don’t think it has changed so much over the years but of course you never see yourself changing as much as other people see it on yourself, I’m 58 years now, I’m old, but I don’t feel older than when I was performing 30 years ago.

Where am I now and where would I like to be
I’m actually exactly where I want to be, I’m still performing a lot, its my favorite thing to do, its just a carefree life, you show up on set, have sex with a beautiful person, you leave with money in your pocket. I also started producing and directing many years ago, but as long as I can, as long as people want to see me, that’s still my favorite thing to do, show up on set, have a good time and earn money.

I love working with
There are a lot of directors that are very easy to work with, very comfortable, I’m in the fortunate position, that over the years, I’ve managed to create a name, a reputation for myself, so most of the people who hire me, hire me for me, they don’t tell me what to do, so it’s very easy for me to just be me on set. With me, they say, we hired you, to be you, onset, they don’t tell me what position to take or do.

What I like best about acting in adult movies
I like almost everything about pornography, I was always a swinger, I’m attracted to a lot of different people, so as long as people want to see me, I’ll keep performing.

Last book I read
I don’t read books, I mean I read a lot, all magazines, I’m a news junkie, I spent hours every day reading news from a lot of different sources but I’m not really a book reader, I’m not into fiction. Two years ago, I did read a mathematics book on the history of zero, it changed a lot in mathematics. It’s the base of our decimal system.

Favourite TV Shows/Movies
I don’t have a TV since over 20 years, but I watch Netflix and other streaming services. I just discovered a new series a short while ago, a Canadian show called ‘Working Mums’, it’s very witty with a great dialogue, it’s very entertaining. One of my favorite movies is Charlie Wilsons War, a true story.

What I wanted to be growing up
I always dreamt of being a porn star since I was a teenager, but it took me many years before I finally made the decision, there is a stigma in society as we know, but I was 35 when I finally did it.

What I do when I’m not working
My life is shooting movies, playing golf then editing for my YouTube channel which I started 1.5 years ago. I have over 13 million views and 38,000 subscribers so it has become popular. It’s about behind the scenes of the porn business. It keeps me busy.
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