Aistra Lithuania Advertising pjur Woman on Highway Billboards

By on June 21, 2019

Wasserbillig/Luxembourg – Located between Poland and Latvia, Lithuania is, in terms of population, the largest of the Baltic States. pjur is starting the summer in style in this country on the shores the Baltic Sea by collaborating with its Lithuanian partner Aistra on an exceptional campaign: For the next six months, the company will be using eye-catching public billboards to present pjur WOMAN.

Aistra sets its sights on pjur WOMAN and a growing target group
Aistra is the leading provider of intimate products in the Lithuanian market. The company currently has twelve stores in the five largest cities in the country. pjur WOMAN has been advertised on a 13×6-meter billboard on the A1 motorway since the start of June. This is the most important highway in the country, connecting the two largest cities of Kaunas and Vilnius. It is also the busiest stretch of road in Lithuania, used by around 40,000 to 50,000 cars per day. The campaign is targeted primarily at women, who represent a growing target group and can find everything related to “Passion & Fashion” at Aistra.

Focus on pjur WOMAN
Women’s skin is delicate and sensitive and needs special care and attention, especially in intimate areas. pjur WOMAN is specifically designed for women, focusing on their wellbeing and helping to intensify what they feel with all of their senses. This premium personal lubricant delivers extremely long-lasting lubrication. It can also be used for erotic massages and leaves the skin feeling silky smooth.

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