AltErotic Names First Brand Ambassador – Australian Amber Luke

By on June 12, 2019

Los Angeles, CA – From day one, AltErotic’s mission has been to increase the exposure, advancement, and conversation around tattooed models in both the adult entertainment and mainstream worlds.

In pursuit of this goal the team behind the site partnered with Australian model Amber Luke to document her first trip to the United States, adding to her collection of body art, and exploring her personal and sensual relationship with body modification. After seeing Amber repeatedly on social media, the news, and various modeling sites owner Sascha Koch reached out to the media darling personally.

“After seeing her name pop up continually across my various social feeds and hearing Amber speak about her transformation on the news, I knew immediately this was someone I wanted to work with,” said Sascha about the collaboration. “The personal journey through body modification and how it allows someone to take ownership of their image, sexuality, and mentality are some of the biggest driving forces behind AltErotic.”

The chronicles of her stay will be released in multiple parts over the coming weeks on social media and the membership site. Fans will be able to watch everything from interviews, behind the scenes candid footage, video of the multiple tattoos she acquired while in America, and even some hardcore scenes that were shot exclusively for the site.

“Quotable quote from Amber about the scene.” Amber Luke said. “Things are things and I like things and saying things about them.”

During the course of Amber’s visit no expense was spared and AltErotic’s director Ivan was able to capture dozens of hours of footage of the darling from down under. She racked up over half a dozen new tattoos and is already booked to return to the US later this summer. He had the following to say about his time spent with her;

“Getting a chance to learn about and bond with Amber gave us that much more freedom to being open in creating some pretty amazing visuals. She was a good sport in anything I threw her way. Hopefully, she finds herself back on this side of the world again soon, so we can continue collaborating on our shared artistic vision.”

A SFW trailer featuring Amber can be viewed on AltErotic’s YouTube here.

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