Andy Green – Xgen Products, President/Owner

By on March 27, 2019

I got a job at IVD and Pleasure Productions my senior year in college. It was 1997. I changed all of my classes to night classes and worked during the day picking and packing VHS and beta tapes. It was great, it was the heyday… Jenna, Vivid, Wicked, customers couldn’t wait to get new releases every day. A whole different world from what it is today. East Coast News had barely been started at this point.

A typical day
I wake up at 6am, answer emails that came in overnight from China, then get to the office by 7:30. Start getting orders together for the warehouse and then get them started on their day at 8. I personally handle some store chains and distributors in the states and also most of our international clientele. I’ll work with the international customers in the early part of the day before they go home. Being that we are unique on the east coast we can correspond sooner than if we were on the west coast. I’ll check on the warehouse during the day and help pack or ship if needed.

The most significant influence in my working career
I cannot thank Michael and Frank Koretsky enough. They believed in me at a very young age and allowed me to grow within their system and hone my craft. When I started the offices were very small. My office was directly between their 2 offices. We would laugh and joke but work hard all day and in to the night. This was before email!!! When we got our first AOL email account we all shared it, can you imagine? They were great times. Hustling and selling.

One of the most memorable moments
After working in the warehouse for a year I transitioned to managing Pleasure Productions and our video licensing rights. I would manage international accounts, TV stations, hotels, cruise lines, and more. I started traveling a lot and meeting all sorts of amazing people around the world.

Last book
Not much of a reader. Although I probably should be.

Favorite movie/TV show

My favorite place
Las Vegas

My favorite meal
Sinatra at the Encore in Las Vegas. Probably the lasagna.

What I wanted to be
I really had no idea what I wanted to be, just knew something in business.

What would most people not know
That I really like to garden.

When I’m not working I’d rather be doing
Playing golf.

What I like best about my job
Each day is totally different from the last.

If I could change one thing
Make the world less political.

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