Angela White Named Newest Fleshlight Girl

By on October 31, 2014

AUSTIN – Fleshlight has announced Australian porn star Angel White as its newest Fleshlight Girl.

White’s signature textures include the Indulge sleeve, which is exclusive to the Angela White Vagina Fleshlight, and Entice for the mold of her butt.

The company describes the Indulge texture as its “newest, most luscious texture” that “embodies the class, grace, elegance and beauty of Angela White.

“Intermixed spirals of soft and stimulating surfaces create a wonderful, sensuous experience inside,” the company said of the Indulge texture.

The Entice texture features “waves of space and snugness are interspersed with arrays of stimulating pleasure knobs to give a truly amazing feeling in every dimension.”

Since beginning her career in 2003, the Melbourne native White has distinguished herself as Australia‘s most well-known adult performer. At the 2014 XBIZ Awards, White served as the one of the official trophy girls. She also appeared in Australia’s Cosmopolitan magazine in a two-page feature on the heels of a front-page article in the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper.  

In addition to appearing on Australian TV, she also received national attention during her bid for the Australian Sex Party Senate seat during the Victorian state election in 2010.

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