Astroglide Changes Packaging – Sales Skyrocket

By on September 14, 2018

Syndey, NSW – Astroglide is pleased to announce the return of its cut away packaging, which allows consumers to view the contents and the famous curved bottle.

Astroglide Personal Lubricants have been the largest selling extended personal lubricant range globally for a number of years now. In the US Grocery channel, Astroglide is now the growth leader with double digit annual growth, even though the brand has been sold for decades. What is more, is that three of Astroglide products are first, second and third best ranked items in grocery. All other brands that are also sold in Australia are in decline.

Astroglide and one competitive brand make up 74% of US grocery sales.

Market research in Australia suggests that consumers are looking for a trustworthy brand, with honest claims and a full list of ingredients listed.

Recently, Hologic the globally company who makes thin prep cervical pap smear kits did extensive testing of personal lubricants, after many samples taken from women proved to be tainted. What they found was that undeclared ingredients, specifically carbomers were destroying the pap sample. They tested a whole range of lubricants and Astroglide was one of three and the only one available to consumers that tested to not contain carbomers.

Astroglide is the premium brand and only a few drops are needed for lubrication. Additional, Astroglide is also a vaginal moisturiser, which assists women with dryness which is common in all ages, especially post 40 years of age.

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