Aus Adult Industry Leader Goes Local

By on September 11, 2020

Rachel Payne, the General Manager of the Australian adult industry association, the Eros Association, is trying her hand at local politics as she runs for the South Ward seat of Moreland City Council in Victoria.

Ms Payne, who is running on behalf of the Reason Party, has been a vocal advocate for LGBT rights, sexual freedoms and cannabis law reform and is looking to provide a unique voice on issues facing the diverse Melbourne suburb.

Ms Payne is hoping to use her position on council to help small businesses in the area survive the hardship of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We need to see high-street shops survive with local government supporting, not hindering, small businesses” she told XBiz. “Through my work for adults-only businesses, I am used to dealing with the impact of draconian laws and red-tape.”

Running minor party campaigns in local elections has been particularly difficult this year due to tighter restrictions on movement. As such, Ms Payne is keen to spread the word online about diverse candidates in the upcoming election through the hashtag #RachelForReason.

“We really need a change in Moreland” Ms Payne noted “and that’s only going to happen if people actively promote alternative candidates this election”.

Local council elections are occurring via postal vote, with polls closing on the 23rd of October at 6pm.

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