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By on March 28, 2015
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Location: Los Angeles
Year of Incorporation: 2007
Website www.bswish.com

When, where and how did B Swish start?

B Swish was established in 2007 in Los Angeles, by a man named Carlo. Carlo had a background in the restaurant business and was looking for a change. He wanted a business with non-perusable stock and a connection and resemblance to the fashion industry. A friend mentioned the adult novelty industry so he did some research into the market and felt it was at a crossroads of change and on the cusp of becoming more commercial, so he decided to pursue the idea. Eight years later together with a dedicated team B Swish has established itself as a dynamic and well branded product.

What is B Swish’s main business field:

B Swish is the original affordable luxury brand of personal intimate massagers. We cater mostly to women, and men, in their 20’s, 30’s and 40’s- the appeal comes from our chic and modern designs at affordable prices.
B Swish views itself as a fashionable brand. Our products concentrate on textures, colours and seasonal trends just like the fashion trends of each season. We see our massagers as accessories for individuals and or couples, each line or massager is supposed to reflect an individuals’ personality, personal likes and connection to their sexuality, not unlike a scarf, necklace or lipstick.

What does a typical day at B Swish look like?

There are no typical days at B Swish; we are a boutique brand with a small dedicated team. On any given day our team’s time is spread across a range of activities including customer service and education, sales, product design, product educational videos, packaging concepts and much more. There is never a dull moment as we work as a collaborative team each member with their own unique skill set, however we work together to ensure that we produce the fashionable products for our customers at affordable prices that we are known for.

What have been some of the best moments at B Swish?

In 2012 B Swish re-launched the brand with all new packaging and 2nd generation personal massagers. During this re-launch we divided our product rang into 3 distinct lines, Classic, Deluxe and Premium. This division into 3 lines defines our brand as offering something for everyone. We offer consumers a choice and variety this is something we are proud of and work hard to maintain. Having the brand B Swish able to offer this variety, vibrancy and luxury is something we are very proud of.

Since this re-launch in 2012 our in-house design team continues to works hard to ensure that each specific line has new offerings for everyone. The aim is allowing customers to find the massager that is right for them and at a price point that is attainable.
Each line consists of products that are designed to reflect individual personalities and personal preferences.
The Classic Line is just as the name suggests and holds all the classics. This ever expanding line of 5-function battery operated personal massagers has something for everyone’s desire. These waterproof wonders never leave the user wondering, made from both PU coated ABS plastic and silicone this diverse range is perfect for beginners or seasoned users alike.

B Swish then moves to our brightly colored Deluxe Line. All massagers in this line are made from body-safe silicone, are battery operated, have 6 functions and are waterproof.
This then takes us to our Premium Line. Premium Luxury at affordable prices, this is the top of the line for B Swish, the Premium Line of massagers offers the consumer, USB rechargeable, 7-function personal massagers that come in exquisite gift box packaging.

Does B Swish target a specific customer demographic? How would you define your customer base?

B Swish caters mostly to women, and men, in their 20’s, 30’s and 40’s. We have made the luxury personal vibrator available to everyone, our range of massagers offer the consumer room to grow as they discover what their likes are and which types of massagers and materials they prefer.
How and where do you get inspiration from for new product development?

We are boutique brand by design; therefore our releases are staggered through our 3 lines and throughout the year. B Swish’s ideas come from customer feedback, fashion trends and inspiration from the classics. The philosophy behind our collections of massagers is to deliver high end and luxurious fashion-forward toys that are on trend but with an affordable price point.
The collections here at B Swish are very carefully planned and curated, it is important to us that each new release enhances our existing 3 lines of toys. When we go into development of a new product we ensure that the creation will not only fit into the existing Line, but also responds to customer feedback, requests and industry trends.
Our dedicated team work together on each new product to ensure that brand’s unique look is incorporated together with functionality.

What makes a successful product?

We at B Swish believe both design and functionality are extremely important factors influencing the end consumer’s decision to actually buy a product. If the buyer walks into the store or looks on line for a certain type of massager let’s say a rabbit or a g-spot stimulator, then functionality may lead in the decision but nevertheless as they look through the options available to them design will also play a factor, what colours is it available in, what sizes, what is it made out of, do I like the look of it, does it take batteries, what packaging does it come in? These are all questions the buyer may ask themselves and all these questions cross the line of design and function. Therefore we believe that a successful product is the right combination of great design and function.

What have been some of the best selling items of all time for B Swish?

We have had great success with both of our wireless bullets, the Bnaughty Classic Unleashed and the Bnaughty Premium Unleashed.

The Bnaughty Premium Unleashed is one of B Swish’s original massagers and has been in product for several years now. We are currently on our 3rd generation of the Bnaughty Premium Unleashed, this massager comes in beautiful gift box packaging and can also be used as display boxes for retail stores.

After the huge success of the Bnaughty Premium Unleashed, we felt it was only natural progression to release a 5-function battery operated bullet for their Classic Line of toys. This discrete yet powerful waterproof bullet can be put to use virtually anywhere. The 3” bullet is shaped perfectly and is controlled by an easy grip click button remote, perfect for couples play.

A Synergy Magazine interview with Jae, B Swish.





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