Baci Lingerie and Envy Menswear Release New 2017 Catalog

By on April 13, 2017

Van Nuys, CA – Baci Lingerie and its brother company Envy Menswear are pleased to announce that they have released brand new catalogs for 2017. Each catalog features stunning photography of each style, broken down by collection, UPC codes, and a size chart.

“We’re very excited to have two new catalogs for 2017,” said Global Sales Director Helle Panzieri. “The catalogs look great, the models are amazing, and we really think retailers are going to love them.”

The Baci Lingerie catalog for 2017 includes the all new White Label and Dreams collections, along with a section dedicated to the Queen Size Collection that features Ashley Alexiss. The Envy Menswear catalog for 2017 includes items in the Core Basic, Sport, and Microfiber collections.

Panzieri added, “Anyone attending the Altitude Intimates Show can stop by the Xgen Products booth, #1619, to grab copies of both catalogs.”

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