Baci Lingerie Reports Successful Exhibition at Spring ILS

By on April 14, 2015
baci spring ILS 2015

VAN NUYS, CA – Baci Lingerie reports a successful exhibition at the Spring International Lingerie Show (ILS). New items from the White Label line of sultry packaged lingerie made their tradeshow debut at the Baci booth to great reception, their unveiling reinforced by the sweeping, elegant product images featured in the booth’s design.

Helle Panzieri, International Sales Director for Baci Lingerie, said “Response to the new White Label items was robust, with many pre-orders to take care of! The product art looked incredible in our booth space, featuring a new model and a revised mood and aesthetic. We anticipate that we will do very well with the expansion of the line.”

Also of note, Baci’s “elite retailers” were applauded at the annual Baci Lingerie Customer Appreciation Dinner. Recognizing exceptional operations as a carrier of Baci Lingerie, accolades were given to attendees in the form of a trophy during a presentation ceremony, spotlighting them as an elite retailer of the award-winning brand.

Panzieri continues, “It is our mission to work towards the highest level of success for our customers by acting as a resource, and the most exceptional retailers reach right back. It is our honor to bestow upon our elite retailers the recognition they deserve, and look forward to their continued success with Baci Lingerie.”

Featuring the latest trends in apparel and novelty from all over the globe, the semi-annual ILS is a fixture in Baci’s trade show circuit.

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