Baci Shoots New Criss Cross Collection at Downtown L.A. Biltmore Hotel

By on December 8, 2014
baci lingerie

LOS ANGELES – Baci Lingerie tapped noted fashion photographer Shaun Alexander to shoot its latest collection, White Label Criss Cross, yesterday at downtown Los Angeles’ historic Millennium Biltmore Hotel.

“He has a very glamorous vision for this Baci shoot and I think the Biltmore is the perfect location to capture it,” Baci’s Angela Lutin told XBIZ. “A lot of previous Baci shoots were shot insides castles and well we don’t have any castles in L.A. so we came to one of the most famous hotels in downtown. This hotel has a lot of history.”

As his first time working with Baci, Alexander – who most recently shot a campaign for GUESS – told XBIZ he was excited for the experience.

“I’m excited to take the brand to the next level,” he said. “It’s going to be classy and sexy.”

The shoot’s models Mariah Bevacqua and Korrina Rico, an actress who appears in “Horrible Bosses 2,” echoed Alexander’s delight in working with the brand.

“All of the outfits are really cute and they fit really well and are made with a lot of fine details,” Bevacqua told XBIZ. “This is my first lingerie photo shoot so I’m really excited.”

According to Helle Panzieri, director of sales for Baci Lingerie, the feeling was mutual.

“We’re so blessed to have found these two models,” Panzieri told XBIZ. “We were looking for women who would embody the spirit of the collection, and these two angels came to us. They’re amazing.”
Panzieri explained the collection’s aesthetic.

“Criss Cross is a play on a look that is very much in style right now, whether you’re talking lingerie, or just apparel in general – it’s a lot of strappy and cage styles,” Panzieri told XBIZ. “The colors that we chose to go with for this collection are black and red. Black is always sexy, elegant and upscale, while red is very sensual and seductive. Color lends certain flair and fierceness.”

“I think with Baci there’s always this duality of being seductive and sexy – to me, these are very different things. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with being sexy, whatever that might mean to each individual – it’s up to the Baci woman.”

Women’s empowerment plays a key role in the Baci brand, and that theme was also prevalent at yesterday’s shoot.

“We’re bringing the female into focus; the male presence is secondary,” Panzieri said. “So much of the time it’s about how we as women can appeal to men by employing lingerie, while in the world of Baci, it’s the other way around. I think that lingerie is really about us being females and exploring and experiencing what we want, on our terms.”

Lutin adds, “One of Baci’s campaigns is ‘I can be’ and this falls into it – ‘I can be anything.’ It’s empowering. This isn’t lingerie that’s just for a 20-year-old or a size 2; it’s lingerie for any and all Baci Babes.”

Rico told XBIZ about the importance of embracing women of all shapes and sizes.

“I’m here representing for all the curvaceous women,” she said. “I have thighs, I have booty and in the modeling world there’s a lot of pressure to be thin and it can make you feel insecure. You have to feel confident and embrace your femininity.”

The new White Label Criss Cross line includes 27 pieces and Baci also took the opportunity to shoot new hosiery styles from the After Dark line, which includes another 21 styles.

According to Panzieri, Criss Cross will be available for wholesale purchases in approximately 90 days.


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