Premieres BATOR TRAINING SERIES by Hot Octopuss

By on April 21, 2020

London, UK – For the first time, and in collaboration with sex toy designers Hot Octopuss, Bateworld will be releasing the Bator Training Series, an all new video series to illustrate different ways of masturbating. From Frotting, Bating With A Buddy and Edging to name just a few.

Our mission:

To showcase multiple ways in which men can enjoy their manhood, with themselves and with others. We want to inspire your masturbation evolution in a fun, explicit, and educational way.

Sponsored by Hot Octopuss (London) the cutting edge of sex toy design since 2013 and creator of the Guybrator:

We’re Hot Octopuss, the people who design innovative, cutting edge sex toys that not only look gorgeous but also work with your body. We believe pleasure is a fundamental right for everyone. And that’s why we’ve taken sex toys back to the drawing board, to develop them using real people, some serious science and dare we say, ingenious designs. We create unique toys that celebrate every body. So whether you’re cis, trans, non-binary, have limited mobility or are older, you’ll find a Hot Octopuss sex toy that’s perfect for you.
“This has been a long time coming and we are so excited to finally share and add to the diverse experiences we provide for our members,” saysBateworld CEO, Peter Rising. “We would like to thank Hot Octopuss for their incredible support of this arousing new series.”

The Bator Training Series is produced by Bateworld member and marketing manager milkingCOACH and will feature real men, most of who are also Bateworld members. All videos filmed in HD quality will be available for all members to enjoy, with plans to release a new video every other Friday.

Training videos are currently being produced and we will be reaching out to other members for possible collaborations to add to this hot, exciting, and educational series.

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