BeWicked with Nalpac

By on August 24, 2015

FERNDALE, Mich. – Nalpac adds BeWicked lingerie to its extensive product array.

BeWicked has been providing upscale lingerie to retailers for 5 years. This popular brand offers hosiery and costumes worthy of a Queen!

BeWicked crafts their hosiery and costumes using the finest Italian yarn. All of their products are super soft and smooth to the touch. Plus, BeWicked’s spandex compositions supply the right amount of stretch for hosiery and costumes alike.

PJ Labib, Owner of BeWicked says, “We specialize in sexy, high-quality lingerie.” The excellent quality of BeWicked makes our products a must have for retailers. Furthermore, BeWicked has a variety of products for retail shelves. Glenn LeBoeuf, Vice President of Operations states, “We love the quality and availability of BeWicked’s bedroom costumes and hosiery.”

Retailers will be awestruck when they see what’s available through Nalpac. The BeWicked Breathtaking Goddess costume provides a sexy, ethereal, character. However the Bedroom Cop is a little more, punishing. Combine BeWicked’s versatile costumes with their hosiery, and voila! Retail magic!

Best of all, retailers can purchase BeWicked products without going broke. PJ Labib says, “We offer sexy European style lingerie for 15-20% less than the competition.” Retailers should be ecstatic right now. Nalpac and BeWicked are teaming up, filling retailers with amazing products for a great price.

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