Bijoux Indiscrets Go Silver

By on September 8, 2016

A pioneer and benchmark in erotic chic, Bijoux Indiscrets is launching its line of seduction accessories in silver. As of July, we’ll be able to enjoy the silver editions of both the Magnifique Collection and Désir Métallique.

Bijoux Indiscrets jewels are about to become one of this summer’s must-haves, and go perfectly with both evening and casual looks.

Bijoux Indiscrets accessories combine elegance with sensuality, and their discreet chains outline the female silhouette in a stunningly sexy way that never goes unnoticed.

Without a doubt, metallic shimmers are set to take centre stage this summer.

Pair them with black to ensure you don’t miss out on this summer’s hottest trend!

The catwalks have spoken and silver and black have become the latest must-have that no one wants to miss. It’s no coincidence that these are the colours of the moon and night: unexpected, dazzling, magical…

Bijoux Indiscrets waist and shoulder chains, original necklaces and fun bracelets add a touch of light to your dark outfits, providing a contrast of colours that everyone wants a piece of.

Silver fever has arrived at Bijoux Indiscrets and is due to take over.
Silver is the colour of the season!

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