Bijoux Indiscrets Win Gold Echo Award

By on October 21, 2016

To mark the occasion of its 10th anniversary and, together with Proximity Madrid, one of Spain’s best advertising agencies, Bijoux Indiscrets has carried out an extensive sex study called “Fiction vs. Reality in Sex”. To present the results, the brand has created the first library of 100% real orgasms, where it gives a voice to true female pleasure and its diversity.

The ECHO Awards are a celebration of marketing art, science and achievement. At their core lies a commitment to seeking out and showcasing digital, data-driven, direct marketing that makes waves. They recognize creativity, innovation, relevance and fearlessness.

After over 500 hours of research and 1,500 surveys analysing topics ranging from sexual initiation, frequency and satisfaction to female masturbation and ‘faking it’, staggering figures were revealed. For example, 66% of people believe they have a fictitious view of sex. Furthermore, 44.7% of women would prefer their sexual relations to resemble what they see in romantic films, with 40% of men feeling the same, only that they wish they were more like pornography.

By analysing the implications of these fictitious ideals on the way we engage in sex, the study found that, on the one hand, 43.9% of women have pretended to orgasm to satisfy their partner, while 85% of men believe that their partner has never ‘faked it’. Moreover, almost 60% of women moan to excite their partners during sex, while 42% of men and 30% of women feel that the noises you make when approaching orgasm should be rhythmic and mechanical.

To present the results and generate a social debate on the prejudices and taboos that condition our sexual behaviour, Bijoux Indiscrets has created the first “Library of #RealOrgasms“, a platform that gives a voice to true pleasure and reveals its diversity. Bijoux Indiscrets is appealing to us, as women, to record our own real orgasms and share them anonymously via the library. Using Data Art, the website will turn each orgasm into a true and unique work of art for the user, which you can then download and print. As a whole, they will come to form an extensive gallery to pay tribute to and disseminate the sound of real female pleasure.

The Library constitutes an act of reclamation with which to initiate a social debate on the importance of self-awareness and sex education. This is especially relevant for women, as the study reveals that 11.2% of Spanish women do not know their bodies and have never masturbated, while 22.5% never reach orgasm during sex or do so on very rare occasions. Bijoux Indiscrets seeks to make female pleasure the priority, believing that pleasure is a right that should never be denied and that being in control of your sexuality is a powerful experience that improves your quality of life.

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