Blush Novelties Wins XBIZ Pleasure Products Company of the Year

By on January 26, 2019

New York, NY – Blush Novelties is honored with a 2019 XBIZ Award for Pleasure Product Company of the Year (Sex Toys). Held Thursday, January 17, 2019, the XBIZ Awards an annual comprehensive showcase of outstanding achievements across the adult industry.

“We are absolutely honored,” says Blush Marketing Director and Resident Sex Educator Ducky DooLittle. “Thank you to our friends and fellow professionals, for recognizing our efforts to create beautiful pleasure products that truly meet the needs of consumers. We are also grateful for the monumental support of XBIZ. We look forward to another amazing year with our partners and cannot wait to share what we have in store for 2019.”

Blush Novelties is a company committed to ethics at every level, from manufacturing to retail. By operating its own factory, quality control is kept tight, and met to an extremely high standard. More importantly, Blush’s factories operate completely different from other overseas factories. “We make over 95% of the products we sell,” explains Blush Novelties’ Chief Operating Officer, Eric Lee. “We find it very difficult to trust another factory to care about our customers and the end user as much as we do. Our thought process is not about cutting corners, it’s about how we can make a better product. We do this because we can and take pride in all of our creations.” Blush’s elite, ethically-minded status in global pleasure products manufacturing has also lent Blush to offer its reputation and adherence to product quality through private labeling and OEM projects for other companies.

In addition, the company’s free monthly online class series, Blush U, which DooLittle curates and hosts, helps retailers and store staff better understand the company’s products, including little design features which make each Blush product unique. In addition to product-specific information, DooLittle delivers pleasure-based sex education and sales tips to help retail partners serve and interact better with their customers on the sales floor.

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