BMS Factory Announces Astounding Success at Scala Fair 2015

By on September 14, 2015

TORONTO, Canada,– Held September 6th and 7th, the Scala Fair is host to top manufacturers from around the world as they come together to show their newest products to Scala customers.

In a similar fashion to previous years, BMS continues to be one of the brands with the most buzz at the show. Bringing their newest additions to the world-famous Swan Collection, the Special Edition Swans were debuted in a royal purple introducing new functions never before seen by Swan. As always, their incredible vibrations are powered by BMS’ own PowerBullet technology for unbelievable sensations.

Keeping in line with power, the new PalmPower Recharge also was on display with much excitement. Those who already love the Original PalmPower have been wanting a cordless version since it was first launched – and now it is finally here. For the first time ever, customers are able to enjoy nearly the same amount of power as the Original PalmPower with the freedom of being cordless. The PalmPower Recharge is made with a black body and still features the iconic pink cap (included with purchase).

New PalmPower Attachments are also available which can turn the PalmPower into a number of different variations sure to suit almost any user’s tastes. PalmPower Attachments have been designed to work with both the Original PalmPower and the PalmPower Recharge.

Both the Special Edition Swans, PalmPower Recharge, and PalmPower Attachments will be made available from Scala in the coming months. Please contact your Scala representative for more information.

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