CalExotics’ Vivid Raw Super Model is now a cover star!

By on July 31, 2015

The ultra-realistic Super Model Doll, which was released in 2014 as part of the CalExotics’ Vivid Raw Collection, has been chosen to be the cover star of a new novel set in the UK adult industry.

The Honey Peach Affair is a murder mystery set in the historic city of Bath, England, in which a film reviewer becomes involved in the disappearance of a leading adult entertainment star. When the star’s sister asks for his help, Bruce Baker embarks on a life-changing journey in which he encounters a motley collection of unscrupulous characters. As everything he knows starts to unravel, he inadvertently elevates a strident anti-porn campaigner to national prominence, and his investigation culminates in him uncovering a story that could make him a household name – but Bruce doesn’t want to write it.
Author Dale Bradford says, “I had been looking for a suitable model for the cover of The Honey Peach Affair for some time and I found her in an unexpected place – the CalExotics stand at a European trade show! I was reporting on the event and I was immediately drawn to the Vivid Raw Super Model’s strikingly realistic facial features. I think I took more photographs of her than any other product. When I completed my novel a few months’ later, I mocked up a cover using an image of the Super Model so my designer could see the style I wanted.”

But after experimenting with illustrations, paintings and images of real people, Bradford realised that his original design, featuring the CalExotics Vivid Raw Super Model, perfectly encapsulated the look he had been aiming for. “The long blonde hair looked a little dishevelled, from visitors to the trade show fondling it, which was absolutely perfect for me,” he said. “After applying an enhancing filter to the image I asked CalExotics for their permission to use the shot and I am absolutely delighted that Susan Colvin agreed – thank you, Susan! Although The Honey Peach Affair has only just been released, the artwork has already proven a talking point, and some people have been genuinely surprised when I tell them my cover star is not a real person.”
Susan Colvin, President and CEO of CalExotics says, “Thank you Dale! We are thrilled the Vivid Raw Super Model was chosen for the cover of The Honey Peach Affair. The book tells a great story and the cover is to die for.”
The Vivid Raw Super Model is part of the Vivid Raw Collection from CalExotics. Visit the company’s website to learn more about this ultra-realistic doll.
The Honey Peach Affair is available for purchase on in the US and UK.

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