California Exotic Novelties Partners with Northwestern University

By on April 8, 2015
Northwest Uni

California Exotic Novelties partners with Northwestern University as a sponsor for Sex Week. The world’s most respected pleasure product company is showing support by supplying products for attending students.

Sex Week is a series of workshops taking place from April 6 through April 10, 2015 on the University campus. It is presented by Northwestern College Feminists and is meant to provide students with fun, provocative, and informative opportunities to explore the role of sex and sexuality in our lives.
Michelle Lega, Chair of NU Sex Week, says, “Our mission is simple. We want people to start talking! Thank you to California Exotic Novelties for helping us with our goal. We value your support and commitment to sharing our message.”

Susan Colvin, President of California Exotic Novelties, adds, “We’re proud to support Northwestern University’s Sex Week, as it aligns with our goal of educating people about sexual health and wellness. We applaud them for helping young women and men gain a better understanding of sex and intimacy topics and thank them for partnering with us.”

To find out more about Northwestern University’s Sex Week, visit them on Facebook, Tumbler and Twitter.To find out more about California Exotic Novelties and their sexual health and wellness mission, visit Club CalExotics. It is a place where people can come together to learn and discover. Articles written by the Expert Sexperts, webisodes like Bedroom Insider and Kinky Korner, plus conversations in the forums, give people valuable advice and information.

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