Celebrate Pride this Year with Pride Themed Items from Kheper Games

By on June 7, 2017

Kheper Games, Inc. hopes you have a wonderful pride this year. They are excited to share with you their ever-growing number of Pride themed items, that now this year, adds a Rainbow Disco Ball Cup into the mix of their pride party products.

In addition to the Rainbow Disco Ball Cup, Kheper Games, Inc. also offers the original and best-selling silver Disco Ball Cup. Each cup holds 12 oz. and includes a hard, plastic straw that is designed to only be removed from the cup if the lid is taken off. As a fun extra, these stylish cups also reflect light like a disco ball. So it could be placed on a turntable or twirled via the straw to create disco lights as long as there is sunlight or a bright light shining on the cup.

Kheper Games, Inc. also offers rainbow shot glass sets for pride enthusiasts, including the penis shaped Rainbow Shot Glass Set and their original Test Tube Shooters. Each shot for both sets holds 1.5 ounces of liquor. The great benefit of these sets is that the shots are each a different color of the rainbow, so pride partiers can each have a unique color to use and keep track of while drinking at pride.

Pride Parades are not complete without confetti! Kheper Games’ Pride Confetti offers all male symbol confetti for gay men and all female symbol Pride confetti for lesbians. Both are, of course, in rainbow colors.
Kheper Games’ best-selling card game Sex!, also has Gay Sex! and Lesbian Sex! versions. Each deck includes over 50 sex positions, and even a few with an extra player in the mix, should a couple wish to include additional players.

Gay men can also add either Penis Party Straws, Penis Party Picks or Male Stripper Straws as a fun accessory to Pride parties. Lesbians as well can enjoy the Female Stripper Straws. The straws and picks are great items a party host can share inexpensively with their guests, so that everyone has a fun little pride present to enjoy.
“As a gay business owner and CEO, it is very important for me personally to offer a line of products for Pride celebrations.” explains CEO Brian Pellham. “It’s an important time of year for my husband and I, and also for the close friends we consider family. We take great pride at Kheper Games, that we can offer so many strong selling items that work great for pride.”

For more details about pride items by Kheper Games, please contact info@khepergames.com or call 1-877-426-3755. View Kheper Games’ Pride Item flier

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