Channel 1 Releasing Announces Exclusive Distribution Deal with LonBrook

By on December 2, 2016

Los Angeles — Channel 1 Releasing announced today that they have reached an exclusive distribution deal with Australian Distributor LonBrook. LonBrook will carry the full line of Rascal and edgy Boneyard Toys. Both lines pride themselves on quality and innovation.

C1R kicked off their exclusive deal in October by sending CMO Rob Reimer to Australia to attend the ARExpo which held three events in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane. “The feedback on the new products was incredible,” said Reimer. “Lots of people were excited about the Rascal silicone glow in the dark products, and the Skwert water bottle douche, which was the best seller of the show. Many stores were also excited to get the classic Rascal Toys back on the shelves, which hadn’t been available for a while.”

LonBrook CEO Michael Bassett added “Rascal has always been a strong brand in Australia and I’m happy to be a full range distributor. Introducing a new brand is sometimes a challenge, but Boneyard proved to be immediately well received at the ARExpo. I’m excited to be a part of a brand that’s getting incredible buzz all over the world.”

The new Rascal and Boneyard products have just arrived and are currently in stock. The classic Rascal Toy products will be in stock early 2017. You can place an order by visiting

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