Cirrus – Ave

By on April 2, 2015
Cirrus - Ave

Where can I start? I love this one! It’s my new favourite, well I do have many, but this vibrator is unique in its own special way. I felt privileged as this is a new item from a very new company.

For a start, just unpacking this wonderful item, I felt so spoilt, as if I had been given the latest apple iPhone. The Cirrus by the new Danish company, AVE, is truly a design masterpiece, from the contoured design itself, the materials, thru to the packaging and charging cable. It’s so classy, it’s like closing the door on a luxury vehicle, that comfortable deep snug feeling.

The box is beautiful, and as I unpacked it, I was excited to see what was inside. I wasn’t let down. The Cirrus from the Sky series, is encased in silky soft medical grade silicon, it’s so smooth to touch and the intricate design and inlay pattern, I almost felt it was too beautiful to use. The design and imagery is based on the sky, clouds and seventh heaven and I wasn’t let down.

Cirrus arrived pre charged and the magnetic click on USB charger is easy to use. No need to read instructions on Cirrus, this one is intuitive. It invites you to play. I quickly realized there are 10 powerful and extremely quiet, step up and step down speeds, all controlled with one discrete touch button incorporated into the design, as well as another button with 7 modes. It is whisper quiet, the length and width for insertion is perfect and the vibrations steady and strong. Cirrus felt good, very good and the contoured design allowed me to easily hold and direct it to where it needed to go. Another bonus- Cirrus stays inserted if you wish to go hands free and engage elsewhere, unlike a slimline vibe. Cirrus is also wonderfully light.

Cirrus and I were fine without lubricant but being encased in silicone, water based is recommended. Cirrus can be washed fully immersed in the washbasin with soapy water, rinse and allow to dry. Cirrus is fully waterproof, comes with a lovely soft storage pouch, is travel safe, discrete and stylish in design, is rechargeable and has a run time of 2.5 hours and is fully charged in 2. I would class this beautiful toy as premium and is highly recommended!
Cirrus -  Ave packaging
Roxy, Synergy Magazine

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