Cleavage Therapy™ Introduced By Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon For Cleavage Enhancement

By on December 7, 2015

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif.,Cleavage Therapy™ is a specialized fat grafting procedure for cleavage enhancement developed by Dr. Kamran Khoobehi, a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon and world renowned authority on fat grafting. Dr. Khoobehi says Cleavage Therapy™ appeals to women who desire fuller, more ample cleavage and upper breast contours.

“Cleavage Therapy™ is a new procedure for cleavage enhancement that differs from other breast augmentation procedures,” says Dr. Kamran Khoobehi, a board certified plastic surgeon who developed the procedure. “The patient’s fat, which is taken from another body area is strategically placed to enhance the contours of the woman’s upper breasts, not to enlarge her overall breast size. Fat grafting is the most natural way to add fullness,” says Dr. Khoobehi. “I believe Cleavage Therapy™ is the best procedure to enhance a women’s cleavage whether or not she currently has breast implants or if she intends to undergo breast augmentation.” Dr. Khoobehi describes the cleavage enhancement technique in this video.

“Some women are not interested in breast implants but do wish to have more volume in the top portion of their breasts,” says Dr. Khoobehi. “Although cleavage enhancement has been attempted by some doctors who use injectable fillers such as Juvederm the effects are temporary, and depending on the amount of filler required can be very expensive as the injections must be repeated over and over again, adding to the cost and inconvenience,” says Dr. Khoobehi “The advanced fat grafting techniques employed in Cleavage Therapy provide volume enhancement that looks natural and lasts for years by using the patient’s own fat rather than foreign substances.”

Dr. Khoobehi begins the procedure by administering tumescent fluid. When the tumescent fluid has taken its full effect, Dr. Khoobehi harvests the fat from the donor site using a tiny cannula connected to a special apparatus. Next, he transplants the fat to the area through four small, puncture incisions. “Cleavage Therapy™ is done under local anesthesia, so patients have little or no downtime before they can enjoy more ample cleavage,” says Dr. Khoobehi.

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