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By on December 21, 2016

It’s a funny thing, the pussy pump: no longer the preserve of the pervy and like butt-plugs and paddles, it seems to have sidled its way into the mainstream. I’m quite sure it didn’t feature in that infamous hit trilogy, but nonetheless perhaps its burgeoning success might still be put down to the Fifty Shades effect (there, I said it!).

These days there are pumps aplenty on the market, but despite the many different brands and styles we’ve tried over the last decade or two, there haven’t been any that have really hit the mark. Even the best have garnered a paltry 3/5 and that was partly because, well, their competitors were significantly worse (it’s all relative, after all). It’s almost as though the products have been designed with no real knowledge of the female form; women are all so different that how could one plastic cup, no matter how curved or straight the shape, suit everyone across the board – let alone if it’s essential to create a tight seal around its edges? Perhaps this is why the clitoral pumps have become increasingly popular, as quite apart from the more focused stimulation, since the suction is pinpointed over a smaller surface, theoretically it should be easier to keep the vacuum sealed and the cup in place.

And so to Calexotics’ Clitoral Pump, which looks much like you’d expect, consisting of an upturned cup with a silicone sleeve around its flanged base and a airtight PVC hose leading to a pump. This ‘Trigger Bulb’ is made of hard ABS plastic instead of the usual supple pear-shape of most pumps, and comes with a heart-shaped quick-release valve – a thoughtful design detail.

Once airtight and in position, the pump is used to increase blood-flow to the area in the vacuum, enlarging it and leading to added responsiveness and arousal with a view to more intense orgasms. Many users say that pussy pumps offer the closest sensation to oral sex they can find – especially those with an inbuilt vibrator, which this particular Calexotics product doesn’t offer.

Thankfully, Calexotics’ Clitoral Pump does have good suction, although like any similar toy from any other brand, occasionally you may have to hold the cup in place to ensure it doesn’t come unstuck. And the similarities continue, as this particular Clitoral Pump works just as you would expect, which given the competition is no better – but certainly no worse – than its equivalents elsewhere.

With the pussy and/ or clitoral pump becoming one of the more unusual items to comfortably straddle both the vanilla and kink communities, a clever manufacturer could own this category – if only they can make a pump that works consistently well across the board and actually does what its designed for. Currently, the challenge is wide open and Calexotics have as good a chance as any to make the grade.
Mia More for Synergy

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