Corynne McPeters – Sales Exec COTR INC

By on November 17, 2018

COTR, Inc., the premium manufacturer behind top sexual lifestyle brands b-Vibe, Le Wand and The Cowgirl, is pleased to announce the addition of Corynne McPeters to their sales team. The newly minted account executive brings with her six years of adult retail experience as a sex-positivity advocate.

Hailing from Philadelphia, McPeters moved to NYC to attend NYU, where she studied gender and sexuality, as well as experimental and musical theatre. She volunteered and later worked for the NYU LGBTQ student center, where she facilitated student clubs, coordinated lunchtime education seminars about Queer Sexuality and Identity, and led SAFE ZONE 101 and 201 trainings for RAs, students and faculty.

McPeters’ passion for sex-positive education led her to NYC’s West Village Pleasure Chest, where she took on the role of customer associate and sex specialist at Pleasure Chest in NYC’s West Village.

Since then, Corynne’s experiences have shaped her quest to help create a sex-positive world through consent-centered education and open conversation. She’s taught numerous pleasure-centered workshops, private parties and public events such as the 2016 and 2017 Sex Expo in Brooklyn, N.Y.

Corynne’s journey in promoting sex positivity has brought her to COTR, a manufacturer that’s dedicated to creating modern, high-quality products and prioritizing a sex-positive, inclusive approach.

“We’re thrilled to welcome Corynne to the sales team,” said Alicia Sinclair, COTR Founder and Certified Sex Educator. “Her dedication to promoting sex positivity and education reflects our principles exactly; and we’re truly lucky to have her join us in our mission. I’m very excited about passion for COTR brands and her enthusiasm about our products.”

Working alongside Alicia Sinclair and the entire team at COTR, Corynne is dedicated to making sexual health knowledge accessible and advocating for sex-positivity.

“I am super psyched to join the COTR sales team and feel such excitement about what the future holds,” McPeters said. “I’ve been a fan since I felt the Rimming Plug demo in a Pleasure Chest staff training three years ago. As COTR flourished, I began to recognize them as what I believe to be an amazing influence on the landscape of the industry. I feel so lucky to be working for a business that prioritizes education, quality and inclusivity.”

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