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By on March 28, 2015
Lovers Dream

Blue Dreams Global Inc. (BDGI), is launching their new couple’s product, The Lovers’ Dream, at the International Lingerie Show in Las Vegas in April 2015. Synergy spoke with the Founder and Designer, Lawrence Mark.

The Lovers’ Dream is my first product in a series of sex products designed predominantly for couples, however the Lovers’ Dream can also be used for solo play. In addition to the 3 vibrating motors, it is the only sex toy that changes the dimensions for a couple while making love.

Because of its unique shape, for the male the sensation of using the product will make her tighter, shallower
and when he pushes over the bulb it will stimulate him at the head of the penis, where it counts. For her the sensation will be quite filling, as if he is thicker in girth and longer. In addition, if the bullet vibe is in the anus position, he will be pushed against her G-spot.

I’ve been working on the Lovers’ Dream and other concepts for many years now. Finally in March 2014 I signed an agreement with my design company. I sent them the designs I had done previously and we had many hours of discussions about what I wanted and what my patent allowed me to create without infringing on any other products. The digital design was finally completed and silicone shapes were sent to me for testing. After test feedback from quite a few couples, the shape was altered for the final time. The electronic prototype was eventually completed and sent to me for testing also. That was also several times before I was satisfied. I’ve now tested the first production samples from China, they’re great and the feedback we are getting from others is incredible.

The patent issue is very important to protect your product and ideas, but also to make sure you are not infringing on the works of others. I have patents covering the concepts of couples, penis extension & vagina tightener in many countries. It’s my invention, I created the idea myself, and I have struggled with developing it over many years, I have sacrificed a lot of time and money on this and that’s where patent protection comes in.

I’ve researched the market and believe that initially for this item, the target audience would be couples in relationships but the different concepts, shapes, sizes and electronic configurations each have their own unique appeal so we think there are 6 potential markets:

1. Couples
2. Sex Toy
3. Penis extension
4. Vagina tightener
5. Gay
6. Medical

We aim to complete our first production run in May to start selling into the US market by July, and hopefully BDGI can start shipping other markets by Oct, Nov, 2015. The first version of the Lovers’ Dream has a US pin plug only so can only be sold in those relevant territories. USB versions are already planned and we are keen to implement those so we can expand globally however it makes sense to tackle one continent at a time and do that well, rather than be stretched too thin and then suffer on all fronts.

I believe that to succeed long term, it’s about producing consistent and reliable quality products that consumers can actually successfully use and achieve their desired result. It’s about fulfilling expectations. Ergonomics, quality, modern, body safe materials, ease of use, longevity and a sensible price point- all these variables play a vital role. I’ve never been concerned about competition. I have original ideas, I stay ahead and I’m not a follower. As long as others don’t infringe on my ideas and patents, I’m not really concerned. I think competition is healthy, it great for consumers and it stimulates the market in general.

We have a lot of exciting developments in the pipeline but right now we cannot disclose too much. The current stage is to hit the market with Lovers’ Dream, secure the distribution channels and go from there!

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