Doc Johnson COO Talks Sex Toys and Inheriting the Family Business

By on January 30, 2020

North Hollywood, CA – Doc Johnson COO Chad Braverman made two podcast appearances last week, guesting on an episode of Bully and the Beast and an episode of Good Moms Bad Choices.

Bully and the Beast is a raw, comedic podcast that gets tens of thousands of listens per episode and is hosted by Wax and Lorel. On his appearance, Braverman and Wax discuss a few of Doc Johnson’s best-selling and classic items, such as a Main Squeeze Stroker, the Bullet vibe, and the TRYST. Wax had a lot of fun with the TRYST, suggesting an out-of-the-box use for it that got Braverman cracking up. To hear all about it, listen on Soundcloud, Apple Podcasts, and all other podcasting platforms.

Braverman’s second podcast appearance of the week was with Good Moms Bad Choices, a podcast that describes itself as two uncensored sex-and-cannabis-positive parents challenging the stereotypes of single parenting and life.

On the episode, Braverman talked about his childhood, why he thought his family was in the mafia before discovering the family business, and how the opinions on sex toys have evolved in the past few decades. The conversation was lighthearted and funny, discussing everything from favorite toys to the best settings for masturbation sessions. You can hear their thoughts and see whose opinions you agree with by listening on Soundcloud, Apple Podcasts, and all other platforms.

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