Door Jam Sex Sling Review– Sportsheets

By on April 27, 2016

Arriving in branded black packaging the size of your average cushion, at first glance Sportsheets Sling appeared unlikely to be strong enough to support itself, let alone the 147kg as stated blithely on the box. A closer look led to straps similar to seatbelt material, a padded seat and steel bars to throw over the door. Things were looking up!

First we selected the correct door: it had to be solid as the Sling could easily damage cheap modern hollow doors, and the Sling had to be set up so that any weight used pulling on it would only serve to close it further (hence Door Jam). Word to the wise: this may mean you won’t be able to use the Sling in your bedroom – we couldn’t. Then, there was the initial fiddling around with the height of the foot straps, making sure they were level, that the seat wasn’t too high for us to hoist ourselves into, and spreading the arm straps widely. And yes, we advise doing all of the above way before the actual ‘event’ so as not to kill the mood.

Once in position the Sling was remarkably simple to use: designed to make standing sex a breeze and enabling deep penetration and easy access to the female G-spot. Since you’re literally spread wide open it also allows oral to be celebrated, and if you’re feeling inventive it’s even possible to sit on the Sling with your face to the door for anal exploration.

Great for partners of different heights, anyone who likes to travel and fancies a bit of off-the-wall hotel fun, there’s something for nearly everyone in Sportsheets’ Sling. The textured straps may be strong but they could be improved by being covered in something softer: unfortunately they can be uncomfortable against the skin, leaving marks. So it’s advisable to wear stockings and perhaps even a silky top to stop your back from getting cold against the door (it could be worse!).

So, if you fit into the mid-weight/ size bracket and have access to decent doors, Sportsheets’ Sling is fantastic value for an unusual item that can put a whole new spin on your sex life. For stamina-saving fun, look no further than the Door Jam Sex Sling!

A Synergy Review by Mia More, Editor,

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