Dorcel Unveils Its New Identity, Created with Dragon Rouge

By on December 8, 2021

Paris, FR – This Wednesday, December 1, 2021, Dorcel unveils its new identity: modern, refined, elegant and sensual. The new logo of the benchmark brand for chic pleasure since 1979 celebrates its evolution, in tune with its time and premium standing.

Since its creation four decades ago, Dorcel has always known how to evolve with society to remain a major player of pleasure and fantasy. After more than 40 years of making millions of adults fantasize, the French brand, present in more than 75 countries, is more than ever the home of pleasure for all. Dorcel is increasingly dedicated to helping all adults experience a relaxed, happy, refined and responsible sexualitythrough its range of pleasure accessories, lingerie, films and fantasies.

Ten years after replacing the famous toucan (the brand’s first logo until 2011) with its pink seal, Dorcel once again called upon the Dragon Rouge agency to support its move upmarket with a rebranding symbolizing this evolution.
“With the Dorcel team, we were able to shed light on new uses and new expectations regarding sexual pleasures. More lifestyle, more inclusive and more responsible, the new graphic and verbal identity reflects a sincere shift in an iconic brand for many French people”, explains Mathieu Sakkas, Managing Director of Dragon Rouge.

The “crest” (brackets forming the “O”) underlines all the sensuality of the brand in an evocative form. Dorcel asked more than 15,000 people to test this new logo and symbol*. Whether you see a heart, a mischievous eye or a vulva, those interviewed saw it as an expression of chic sexual pleasure.
The 2021 Pleasure Calendar, featuring 24 premium products carefully selected to fulfill everyone’s fantasies, is the very first item to bear the new logo. And what better way to launch a new identity than with this already iconic product, which is out of stock after less than a month on the market ?

For over forty years, Dorcel has been accompanying adults on the path to sexual pleasure. With this change of identity in the continuity of its mission to offer everyone the possibility to experience sexual pleasure in a free and positive way, a new page of its history is being written. To enjoy is an art, Dorcel is its house.

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