EDSE Sex Ed Certification Program Taps Body-pos Influencer Elle Chase

By on March 6, 2019

Los Angeles, CA – Educational organization Everyone Deserves Sex Ed (EDSE) has tapped body positive influencer and certified sex educator Elle Chase, ACS, to train attendees of EDSE’s upcoming 25-hour sex educator certification program, scheduled April 6-7 and 13-14 in Los Angeles. Chase will facilitate discussion of several important and often misunderstood topics – including porn literacy and body image – to help budding educators have confident and informed conversations with their clients.

Known as the founder of the award-winning Tumblr site LadyCheeky.com and the top-rated sex positions book “Curvy Girl Sex,” Chase is an educator and influencer who specializes in having conversations about the intersection of porn, sexual expression and body image. A graduate of the prestigious San Francisco Sex Information (SFSI) sex educator training program, Chase will give EDSE attendees valuable perspective on pornography’s influence on sexuality and how to make educational spaces more inclusive and body-positive.

“I love empowering people with accurate and unbiased information about taboo topics like these, and this is an incredible opportunity to bring these kinds of conversations into an educational space,” Chase said. “I have known and worked with Anne since 2014 and it is a pleasure to be a part of her EDSE certification program. As a proponent of body positivity, porn literacy, and candid conversations about fat sex, I look forward to helping EDSE attendees learn and shape their perspectives on these deeply personal and important topics.”

EDSE founder and lead educator Anne Hodder-Shipp, ACS, tapped Chase to teach these portions of the certification because of her experience and inimitable expertise. A fierce supporter of erotica and porn, as well as maintaining open and honest dialog about body image, Chase has built a loyal following in-person and online.

“Elle and I became fast friends five years ago and I knew she would be the perfect person to teach EDSE attendees about these subjects – and I’m honored that she agreed!” Hodder-Shipp said. “Elle is known for her work within the body-pos and body acceptance movements and her work surrounding sexual expression and pornography has made her a thought leader within the space. I can’t think of a better person to have these conversations with EDSE attendees.”

Following Tumblr’s recent ban on adult content, Chase became even more vocal about the important role that erotica and porn plays in healthy sexual development, and she has since been an expert commentator for media outlets including the New York Times, Elle.com, ABC News Nightline, the Today Show, and Cosmopolitan.

Ideal for budding sex educators, health and social service workers, and anyone looking to bolster their sex ed knowledge, the EDSE certification program prepares attendees to have informed, inclusive and confident conversations about sex. Over the course of two weekends, EDSE attendees will learn key information about human sexuality, intimate health, consent, and communication skills and be trained to respond to sex-related questions in a concise, intersectional, and nonjudgmental manner. Attendees also will leave with new insight into their own sexuality — a fun side effect of sex education training.

The next EDSE certification will take place April 6-7 and 13-14 in Los Angeles. Individual certification is US$995.

“During my time as a sex educator, and a sex blogger before that, there was one thing I noticed most people had in common: a lack of confidence in, and even a little fear about, talking about sex,” Hodder-Shipp said. “This insecurity has a dramatic trickle-down effect. It leaves professionals feeling unprepared for workplace dynamics, parents terrified of having ‘the talk,’ and service providers caught off-guard during sensitive conversations with their clients. My goal with EDSE is give people access to the kind of professional and educational support so many of us have lacked throughout our personal and professional lives.”

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