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By on January 4, 2016

I’m not the world’s biggest fan of electrosex, but only because I choose other styles of sexual stimulation.
You can use the ElectraStim EM60 Flick in so many different ways. It’s fun to use for couple’s sex, to give that very real shock factor to sex, or on your own to bring a whole new dimension to masturbation. Used in combination with the paddle (or other accessories available from ElectraStim) you can even ramp up the kinky volume of fetish and BDSM sessions… it doesn’t have to be just for the extremists, the levels range from an incredibly mild, barely sensed tingle on the skin to maximum shock.

It looks like you get a lot of confusing stuff when you first open up the box but a quick read through of the pamphlet and it’s clear to see how you put it together. Firstly, the main control unit is powered by charging it up. Connect the USB lead to the base of it and plug it into any USB port or a USB to mains adaptor. There’s an LED to let you know it’s charging up.

The most basic piece of equipment to get that electrifying sensation to your flesh is via electrode pads. There are 4 included in the pack. They are incredibly sticky, which is a good thing and keeps them flush against your skin no matter what. After use, if you peel them from skin carefully enough, you can place them back on to the plastic backings they arrived on and reuse them a good few times before having to dispose of them and buy new ones. For couple’s sex and masturbation, the very tops of the inner thigh felt amazing.

As well as being able to scroll through the control units 7 modes, you can press and hold the ‘mode selector’ button for three seconds, where a little light will tell you that you’ve switched to the ‘Flick’ mode. This means you can flick or constantly shake the controller and that movement is mirrored by the electro pulses coming from the unit to the pads, or whichever electro piece of equipment you’re using with the main control unit.

In summary this is a fantastic item either for a first foray into electro sex or for those looking for an innovative device combining all expected features as well as sensational, motion operated technology. I can’t fault it. There are a variety of modes as well as levels to suit all from beginners to veterans, and the kit comes with all the accessories you need.


Cara Sutra CaraSutra.co.uk

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