Electro Meets Mainstream – ElectraStim launch Silicone Fusion at ANME

By on July 16, 2019

Bringing together the sumptuous softness of silicone with the intense stimulation of electro-sex, ElectraStim have created a bold new range of accessories with Silicone Fusion. Drawing on the success of the Silicone Noir range (released in 2014), the team at ElectraStim decided that they wanted to introduce some more colour to their products.

This spicy shade of red is designed to not only be eye-catching but is a gender-neutral tone that evokes the kinkier side of the electro world while sitting comfortably alongside more mainstream sex toys.

With this colour comes unique designs not seen in the e-stim category before and the same high performance you expect from the UK’s longest established electro sex manufacturer. Inspired by feedback from customers and stockists, Silicone Fusion blends form and functionality to make aesthetically pleasing toys that also pack a punch when combined with an ElectraStim stimulator (sold separately).

Currently, the Silicone Fusion range has three bipolar toys available for order- Infinity, Komodo and Habanero- a tactile silicone electro pinwheel, a multi purpose dildo and a bipolar prostate massager with a hidden ‘stealth’ cable system. More accessories for both men and women, as well as couples, are already in development and will join the Silicone Fusion collection later in the year.

Infinity Electro Pinwheel
A first for the electro category, Infinity is inspired by the classic Warternberg pinwheel but with a twist. The smooth and slightly flexible silicone lends a softer appearance to the toy while the feelit- to-believe-it performance of the electro stimulation ensures the intense sensations you’d expect. Perfect for couples looking to try something different; Infinity is a fantastic ‘gateway’ to electro play that really helps to communicate the unique sensations to new audiences.

Komodo Electro Dildo
It wouldn’t be an ElectraStim toy if it didn’t have a versatile range of uses! Komodo can be used as a handheld dildo, can be suctioned to a flat surface and ridden hands-free using the bespoke cradle and even worn as a strap-on. Add to that the customisable sensations of electrostimulation and you have a toy that not only gives you a huge amount of choice in your play but that is also a great introduction to internal e-stim.

Habanero Electro Prostate Massager
Inspired by the best-selling success of the ElectraStim Sirius Prostate Massager, Habanero takes all the best bits of its little brother and turns the pleasure up to eleven. Girthier and heavier for more stability, Habanero features a ‘rocker base’ that protects the cables and allows the user to literally sit and rock for intense internal stimulation. The shaft can also be bent into position for customised prostate precision- the ‘zero memory’ spine inside will ensure Habanero stays in the position you prefer for as long as required.

Infinity: £49 / $65 / €55
Komodo: £79 / $99 / €89
Habanero: £79 / $99 / €89

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