Entrenue Introduces ‘UVee’ Sex Toy Sanitizing & Storage System

By on February 17, 2017

Phoenix, AZ – , Entrenue is officially shipping UVee, a first-of-its’-kind toy storage, charging, and sanitation system from female-owned-and-operated Clean Light Laboratories. Developed with a microbiologist, the patent-pending UVee system employs a UV-C germicidal light and unique interior to kill a reported 99.9% of surface bacteria typically found on adult toys – giving consumers a new, reliable way to take care of their intimate accessories.

In lab tests, UVee was found 2-5 times more effective at killing certain bacteria than commercially available toy cleaners thanks to its custom-designed methodology. In addition to its UV-C germicidal light, UVee also features waffled interior reflectors to aid in its effectiveness, allowing the rays to reduce bacteria in crevices, cracks and folds.

“There’s nothing like UVee on the market and we love carrying innovative products designed to care for and sanitize products that play such an important role in people’s sex lives,” Entrenue CEOwner Joe Casella said. “Cleanliness is a constant concern to consumers and UVee makes it fast, easy and uncomplicated – an absolute must for a toy-cleaning system. And users can charge and sanitize their favorite items simultaneously, all while keeping toys safely locked away from curious minds, which makes UVee an even more exciting new addition to Entrenue’s catalog.”

UVee is available in two versions: the larger Home Play can hold and charge up to three products, including a full-size wand, at one time and offers a 10-minute sanitizing cycle. The Home Play also has a vacuum-sealed hole that allows for the charging of toys that do not charge through a USB port. The portable GO Play can hold and charge one product, features a rechargeable battery to allow for travel, and offers a 5-minute sanitizing cycle.

UVee storage systems feature a sleek exterior, childproof combination locks, and are equipped with sensors that start the cleaning process as soon as a toy is securely in place with the lid shut. In the Home Play model, its interior racks are adjustable to accommodate a variety of toy shapes. Each UVee comes with a full 1-year warranty and a 5-year warranty on the bulbs.

To view UVee and the rest of Entrenue’s newest catalog, please log into your account at www.entrenue.com to start browsing!

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