Erotic Advent Calendars from ORION Wholesale

By on October 17, 2017

Here we are again, just like every year it is only a few more weeks to go until we can say: Christmas is coming!

And to sweeten the meantime, there are once again neutral, erotic Advent calendars from ORION Wholesale in new designs.

Quite noble is the XXL Advent calendar made of stable cardboard with folding doors and 24 removable boxes behind the doors. There are extremely erotic surprises in all 24 boxes: high-quality sex toys, lingerie, massage oil, lubricant, condoms, cheeky sex games, joke items and much, much more! There is also a hot sex tip on the side of every box (in German and English).
The calendar’s beautiful look is topped by the ‘box trick’ – the empty boxes can be turned around and then put back in the calendar so that an erotic picture slowly appears!
Size: 45.4 x 41.5 x 8.8 cm.

Including an insert showing the customer what articles there are in the calendar, though not revealing on what day these can be found. If a customer wants to give this Advent calendar as a present, the included insert can be removed.
Item number 0633658 0000

A very special highlight is for sure the Fetish Advent calendar that also comes in an XXL format with 24 doors until “Silent Night”!
Bittersweet pleasure is hiding behind the 24 doors instead of sweet chocolate. There are lots of saucy items waiting, e.g. floggers, restraints, nipple clamps and hot wax, anal toys with or without vibration, unusual sex toys for the penis, items for spanking, restraints (from soft to hard), a bondage rope and accessories like condoms and lubricant for intensifying fun.
Size 68 x 44 x 5 cm!
Item number 0636460 0000

But if you like it rather sweet and sexy instead, the sexy chocolate Advent calendars may be the very thing for you:
“Sweet Xmas” with sexy Christmas women – erotic figures made of delicious milk chocolate are hiding behind the 24 doors.
Item number 0777331 0000
“Sexy Xmas” with sexy Santas – a chocolate heart and an erotic picture of a man is hiding behind each of the 24 doors.
Item number 0777099 0000

And the heart-shaped couple’s Advent calendar ensures a “seductive Christmas time“ due to the 24 tasks that are getting hotter and hotter each day. It is marked on the outside which door is for HER, for HIM or for BOTH together. German and English.
Item number 0776122 0000

Order your erotic Advent calendar today and grant your customers a hot December! Only while stock lasts!

For orders and further details please contact ORION’s partner in Australia:
NTN Australian Warehouse
Mr. Michael Rutner
Phone: 02 821 30694
Fax: 02 833 88 114

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