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By on January 4, 2016

There are certain occasions when a rubber sheet would come in useful during sex. Not only at your time of the month when for practical reasons a little extra bed linen protection would come in handy, but also when a spot of sploshing, also known as WAM (wet and messy fetish), is the order of the day. That’s right, maybe some sploshing, squirting, massage oil, water sports – take your pick. Whichever activity you choose, we’re guessing you don’t want to ruin your Egyptian cotton with chocolate sauce and oil stains, or to sleep in the (extremely) wet patch. And that’s where SiNovelties’ 100% waterproof Exxxtreme Sheet comes in useful.

In fact, so handy is the sheet that it can be used on the floor too (which is great for avoiding sticky handprints on bedroom walls). Although the Exxxtreme King Size sheet fitted our (European Kingsize) IKEA mattress more than adequately, we opted to lay it over a rug in the living room, which made it rather more versatile. It also meant that we could put the fire on and stay extra-warm as we played, as there’s nothing colder than being greased up and mucking about on a rubber sheet dressed in nothing but your birthday suit.

Thankfully, there’s also very little as enjoyable as being greased up and mucking about on a rubber sheet dressed in nothing but your birthday suit – dammit, not only is it sexy, it’s also goodhearted, silly, fun – and as such we can’t resist a recommendation. The Exxxtreme Sheet is also very practical, so if you want to play harder you can, as not only can you use it with oil-based lube but you can also wipe it clean with any non-bleach cleaning product – and even throw it in the washing machine. Unbeatable!

Whilst Si Novelties’ contribution to mucky-minded interior design is pitched as being soft and comfortable enough to sleep on, I would imagine this is only in those golden moments when you’re neither too hot nor too cold to begin with. So with the Exxxtreme Sheet at the ready, whack up the heating or adjust the air-conditioning, dish out the ice-cream and chocolate sauce, cover yourselves in champagne, beer, massage oil or lube – or hell, all of the above – and get nekkid. Just make sure you don’t dine on asparagus before attempting any pee play (we’ve all been there, right? RIGHT?)!

Mia More, Editor www.cliterati.co.uk


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