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By on November 11, 2015

Being in the enviable position of owning all five Jimmyjane Form vibrators (there doesn’t seem to be a number 1 currently available), I feel qualified to comment on the sole piece missing from my collection, the Form 5.

Like the rest of its Jimmyjane stablemates #5 is visually arresting, being beautiful enough to be an ‘objet’ (the Jj designers really do have an exceptional eye). Its shape is unusual but aesthetically pleasing: it has two upright wings like a bird poised to take flight, and its – oh look: Form – screams understated innovation. It even charges in a tasteful way, elegantly displayed on a white stand.

Form 5 is also tangibly pleasing, the soft silicone at the top giving way to a naughty nub (‘pleasure dome’) between the wings, settled on a solid base which fits easily in your fist.

Billed as “Pleasure Times Three”, Form 5 works for men, women and couples. For women, the theory is that the fluttering wings caress the labia whilst the Dome targets the clitoris, rather like combining a pebble vibrator with a bullet. You can also use the wings for on-point clitoral massage of a different sensation, or on nipples and other sensitive areas – for example the temple and sinuses (no, not a sex thing, I just found it helped ease the pain).

Unfortunately, the Dome suffers from the same affliction as the nub on Lelo’s Ora: users with a shy clitoris will be challenged to find it with this part of the toy – which is a shame as it’s precisely what it’s been designed for. Lelo improved on this issue with the oral sex simulator Ora 2 and an update from Jimmyjane for the Form 5 would be similarly welcome.

Another improvement to Form 5 would be to make the buttons more visible during use, as once in position it’s darn near impossible to feel, let alone see them! After all, JJ successfully improved the tough-touch buttons on the Form 6 (although the loudness remains a problem), happy proof they do listen to their consumers.

Whilst Form 5 is clearly designed with women mostly in mind, with a lot of (water-based) lube the Form 5 also works well for men.

For me at least there’s a discrepancy between cost versus efficacy with Jimmyjane toys: it’s admirable that they push the boundaries of traditional vibrator design, but a shame that it can result in style over substance (Form 3 and Hello Touch, here’s looking at you, Kids). Thankfully Form 5 joins its sister Form 4 as my preferred products from that particular range. If only for my husband …

Mia More, journalist and reviewer,

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