Fun Factory USA Premieres Sundaze “Pulse Vibe”

By on November 10, 2020

Burbank, CA – Fun Factory has introduced a brand new product category with the release of the Sundaze, a Pulse Vibe that vibrates, taps, pulses, and thrusts, stimulating nerves other vibrators can’t. 

Sundaze is a vibrator—but it’s also so much more. With settings ranging from zingy to deep and rumbling vibration, to fluttering, stroking, and thrusting, it lets you experience wildly different sensations, all in one toy. Start with a tapping or pulsing setting for instant arousal, either alone or with a partner, then enjoy hours of exploration and fuller orgasms. 

Another thing that makes Sundaze stand out is its collection of three curated pattern settings, which combine its different sensations for bigger arousal, edging, and more. 

“One of the top questions we’ve heard from customers over the years is whether they’ll become ‘addicted’ to their vibrator, or whether it will ‘ruin them for sex.’ And while vibration certainly isn’t addictive, it can be easy to habituate yourself to one way of reaching orgasm, just by using the same vibrator on the same setting every single time,” commented Kristen Tribby, Fun Factory’s Director of Marketing and Education. “Not only is Sundaze non-habit-forming, it actually helps you get more aroused, for better partner sex.”

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