Global Adult Industry Association Launched

By on December 28, 2014

After many months of planning and research, the Global Adult Industry Association (G.A.I.A) is finally launched.

G.A.I.A is a global initiative to bring all businesses, professionals and consumers in the adult industry under one umbrella, to collectively address their needs, concerns and interests.

All organisations and individuals involved directly or indirectly in the adult entertainment worldwide are invited to join the association to take advantage of the many products, services and benefits offered to members.

This initiative is spearheaded by Charlie Spice of Barbados, who has been involved in adult entertainment for over 30 years in the USA, UK, Europe and the Caribbean.

The aims of G.A.I.A in each country are:

1) To establish a recognised and respected body to effectively represent the needs, concerns, interests and rights of all organisations and professionals and consumers in the adult industry.
2) To address Social, Health, Safety, Immigration, Legal, Financial and other issues faced by organisations, professionals and consumers in the adult industry.
3) To boost the financial viability and sustainability of business and professionals in the adult industry worldwide
4) To bring much needed organisation, representation and structure to the adult industry.
5) To address concerns of the private and public sectors regarding activities within the adult industry.
6) To lobby for change of laws, practices and attitudes that impact negatively on operators, professionals and consumers in the adult industry.
7) To improve operating standards and code of conduct/practice within the adult industry.
8) To establish a platform to enable organisations and professionals and consumers in the adult industry to communicate effectively and anonymously to government authorities and other sectors of the community.

Founder Charlie Spice states, “Over the years, the number of adult entertainment operators, professionals and consumers has grown astronomically. The industry is generating billions of dollars a year across the world and has undeniably become a major contributor to the GDP and the economy on the whole, in each country.

The recession in particular is one of the contributing factors fuelling this growth. For example, loss of jobs and the reduction of income have caused many people to turn to commercial sex work, who otherwise would not have given adult work the slightest consideration.

In spite of unrelenting moral, religious and social persecution from some members of the private and public sectors, the adult industry worldwide continues to grow exponentially.

Therefore the need to launch a global organisation that brings all sectors of the industry under one umbrella to proper organisation, representation and structure is timely and critically important. Like it or not, the adult entertainment industry has evolved and is here to stay.

There are many organisations and advocates around the world already doing amazing work to protect the interest of sex workers and other stakeholders in the industry and G.A.I.A is happy to join the fight”

To fund its efforts, G.A.I.A charges membership fees to subscribers and appeals to the private and public sectors for donations. As a non-profit, the association will also pursue grant funding.

For more information visit the G.A.I.A website at

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