Go For pjur Gold: The First Winners

By on February 25, 2015
pjur winner

Wasserbillig/Luxembourg,- The pjur group has drawn the first winners in their huge Gold Campaign! The Creative Group from the Netherlands is ecstatic about winning a party package and Amazon gift cards worth 1000 Euros. The company will receive a selection of drinks, snacks, Bavarian party hats, decorations, music and everything you need for a proper “German Party”. So, one can expect a fantastic party to happen in Nijmegen.

The first gold bar worth over 700 Euros left the pjur building in Luxembourg last Friday as well – also bound for the Netherlands. “Super, that’s great news. I am absolutely thrilled about my gold bar and I want to thank pjur for this fantastic prize. Congratulations with your 20th anniversary!”, says winner Maico, beaming.

Anyone who hasn’t registered yet can still participate in both contests, of course, – and who knows? – maybe you will be the next golden girl or boy! Coming up on March 17, a new B2B and B2C winner will be drawn in the USA, Australia and Europe. So there are only a few weeks left!
Register now at www.pjurGold.com/b2b and request your personal, free PoS kit with posters, shopping bags, displays, Go for Gold display and much more to best utilize the campaign for the success of your business!

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