Gvibe Now Protected by Chinese Patent

By on December 7, 2014

With the expansion and growing success, any company should bare in mind the importance of protecting its intellectual, creative and technical inventions and best practice. One of the most reliable way to do so is to apply for a patent and on successful accomplishment of the necessary requirements of uniqueness and novelty, a product may be granted a patent.

As Gvibe proved itself as a genuinely unique vibrator and one-of-a-kind invention both in design, and technical and anatomical functioning, the need for a patent was obvious from the beginning. The fantastic success of Gvibe and its worldwide expansion after only 3 months of existence was a temptation for some other companies who wanted to take advantage of Fun Toys’ achievements.

Struggling with patent trolls and proving the uniqueness of Gvibe, Fun Toys successfully received patents in the European Union, the USA, Russia and Ukraine. To receive the patent in China was a priority for Fun Toys as the Chinese market is fast and vast. After half a year of examination and documentation process, Gvibe received the patent in China in August 2014. Having this patent, Gvibe already sells out successfully in China with 100% confidence that the product is protected.

“The matter of receiving a patent is something that logically and naturally follows the production process and launch of the product. If you are confident in your invention being one-of-a-kind, you would want to protect it and enjoy its success. I am confident in the uniqueness of Gvibe, therefore, receiving patents was my priority. I am happy Gvibe is now protected all over the world,” said Jack Romanski, the inventor of Gvibe.


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