Honey’s Place Launches Improved Website

By on March 29, 2016

San Fernando, CA, – The improved Honeysplace.com website was re-designed to become 100% responsive, faster, less cluttered, and more user friendly for our customers. The result is a clean, fresh new look with a modern design and more streamlined information about Honey Place’s products and services. Our customers will be able to easily navigate and find what they are looking for through our instant advanced search. Highlights of some of the changes include:

• Responsive Design: Whether it is a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop, the new Honey’s Place website will now automatically adjust to fit your screen.
• Quick Orders: Honey’s Place customers can complete orders all on a single screen – especially useful for multiple drop ship Orders.
• Bar Scan Ordering: Customers now can use a bar code scanner to scan in their orders in the Quick Order section. They will only need to enter in the quantity needed after scanning each product.
• Advanced Instant Search: Customers can use the advanced search and build their entire order quickly on a single page and also search for items quickly without leaving a page.
• Advanced Reporting: There are over 400 different report combinations available to our customers every day. All reports can be exported in a variety of formats. Additional reports will be coming soon.
• Easy Importing of Orders: Customers are able to import orders either in excel or CSV formats and seamlessly.

“When we started this project, we decided from the beginning to make our new site more familiar to our customers by adapting best-practices of large retail e-commerce sites,” said Erik Van Riper, Honey’s Place Director of Technology. “This allows our customers to use the website like they would any other retail website, and not have any learning curve to slow them down.” “We also want to save our customers time,” added Van Riper, “so implementing single-screen quick order pages with full-instant search for example may have taken us longer to implement but was certainly worth the extra effort.” “We are thrilled with the response from our customers – they are full of ideas that we can quickly implement, which makes them know that they are valued.”

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