Honey’s Place Offering XR Brands’ Master Series Prostatic Play Collection

By on September 17, 2015

Designed for men by men, the Prostatic Play is a collection of prostate massagers and stimulators created especially for more advanced users. The Prostatic Play line features more ergonomic curves, powerful erection enhancement, and 100 percent body-safe materials. Customers will love the affordable price points and the product selection that will make it easier for shoppers to find the right p-spot tool that is right for them.

According to Honey’s Place Director of Purchasing Kyle Tutino, “with September being the month to promote prostate awareness we are so excited to get in the Master Series Prostatic Play from XR Brands. It is great to see more products that promote both pleasure and sexual health”.

“We’re proud to launch the Master Series’ Prostatic Play with Honey’s Place”, said XR Brands’ Director of Sales and Marketing, Rebecca Weinberg. “Master Series’ Prostatic Play consists of beautifully designed prostate stimulators made from high quality materials and electronics. With whisper quiet motors, ultra powerful and silky smooth silicone is displayed throughout the line”. Weinberg added, the packaging includes a sleek teal foil backdrop that pops the items out on the retailers’ shelves. Sales so far have shown that this new look/line is a homegrown with consumers”.

Prostatic Play was created for a man who is ready for the next level or prostate play. These new designs are popular shapes will give a more intense prostate experience.

Contact a Honey’s Place Account manager today to bring the XR Brands’ Collection to your stores at 800-910-3246 or email sales@honeysplace.com

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