Honey’s Place Snares Adult Exclusive on Mile High Cure CBD, Hemp Products

By on May 15, 2019

San Fernando, CA – Honey’s Place has been named exclusive adult distributor of Mile High Cure hemp and CBD-based, THC-free cosmetics and edibles. The popular brand infuses high-quality hemp and hemp-derived CBD into tinctures, gummies, topical cosmetics, lubricants, sexual enhancements and more and brings the soothing effects of cannabis into the adult arena.

Mile High Cure is an industry leader in premium hemp and hemp-derived CBD and offers products that have been tested and verified for quality and safety. Honey’s Place will stock more than 30 items, including tinctures, lubricants, gummy candy, sexual enhancers, a topical roll-on, lotion, and even dog treats. Most products are available in a variety of flavors and scents.

Especially exciting is Mile High Cure’s one-of-a-kind All Natural Aloe Very Hemp Lubricant, one of the only lubricants on the market featuring a hemp oil and aloe vera gel base – no coconut oil, silicone, or water included. The slick formula offers a stay-smooth feel enhanced with the skin-soothing and relaxing qualities of aloe and hemp, giving retailers something truly unique to offer shoppers.

“We are so excited to be the exclusive adult distributor for Mile High Cure and bring these unique cosmetics, edibles, and topicals to our customers,” Honey’s Place President and CEO Bonnie Feingold said. “CBD products have found their place in the adult industry in recent months and we’re proud to offer unique, high-quality intimate products from a respected brand. With its large variety of thoughtfully designed products, Mile High Cure opens the doors for huge sales.”

CBD has gained popularity for its reported ability to deliver pain relief, skin-soothing and relaxing benefits, and other effects without the “high” often associated with cannabis. Mile High Cure is a family-owned company, and they selected Honey’s Place as its exclusive distributor in adult retail because of their shared values and focus on personalized customer service.

“Mile High Cure is dedicated to quality and it’s important that we partner with businesses who share the same commitment,” Mile High Cure President Jay Caldwell said. “Honey’s Place cares about understanding our product and its unique selling features, and it made sense to have them handle our line exclusively in the adult space. We are excited to enter this space and bring our one-of-a-kind lubricant, tinctures, gummies and more to Honey’s Place customers.”

Mile High Cure products feature sleek black-and-gold packaging with simple, eye-catching details. The sexy, appealing look is perfect for adult store displays and can easily cross over to lingerie and softer boutiques.

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