Jack Socket – A Stroking Sensation

By on April 28, 2016

ElectraStim Jack Socket launched just over a month ago and has since taken the sex toy world by storm. The world’s first e-stim stroker is selling in record numbers, making it our most desired new product to date.

“I’m going to start this review by saying that this toy made me create noises that I never thought were humanly possible. It was relentless in it’s pursuit of making me orgasm, and it left me in a state of shock. Quite literally.” – The Big Gay Review

“It feels amazing all over your cock. MMMM! NICE!…This has single-handedly made me interested in strokers” – Just In Decerous

“Honestly it’s like nothing else I have ever tried…. I have only used it once so far and am still a little shaky an hour or so later, it was that intense and enjoyable, honestly, with a little practice and getting to know the settings, I can only imagine this getting better.” – kusanagi (Lovehoney reviewer)

“I have just found my new favourite stroker! The addition of e-stim for me is a complete game changer and adds so much pleasure to the already enjoyable experience.” – Karnal King

Want to save money on your Jack Socket purchase?
The ElectraStim Jack Socket Bundle includes everything you need for the orgasmic experience of a lifetime. Combine motion-sympathetic electrostimulation that echoes the rhythm of your stroke with the realistic sensations of a lifelike stroker.
• ElectraStim Flick EM60-E Pack – Rechargeable and motion-sympathetic stimulation, the perfect stimulator for use with our Jack Socket electro stroker. Includes 4 x self-adhesive pads, perfect for perineum stimulation.
• ElectraStim Jack Socket – The world’s first e-stim stroker, with a realistic internal sleeve and 2mm bi-polar connection.
• Conductive gel (included in the Jack Socket pack)
• Water-based lube
• Antibacterial sex toy cleaner


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