Jimmyjane Launches HELLO TOUCH X

By on January 14, 2015
Hello Touch X

San Francisco, California – Jimmyjane, the design-centric brand and leading innovator in the

pleasure product category, is pleased to present HELLO TOUCH X, the first sex toy to put both vibration

and electro stimulation at your fingertips. Following the success of the original HELLO TOUCH Fingertip

Vibrator, HELLO TOUCH X is the newest addition to the line of HELLO Adaptable Vibrators. HELLO TOUCH

X offers two, interchangeable sets of ultra-compact, Pleasure Pods: powerful vibration and electric

stimulation. Both are as versatile and mobile as your fingers, delivering pleasure anywhere the hands may

roam. HELLO TOUCH X is the first to offer two completely different sensations in one product. It is a

stronger, enhanced version of HELLO TOUCH Vibrator, and an introduction to the pleasures of electro

stimulation for mainstream audiences.


The product development team at Jimmyjane set out to create a unique experience for couples to explore

together, promoting connection, intimacy, and heightened pleasure. After observing that the original HELLO

TOUCH was coveted by couples to enhance foreplay (60% of women report foreplay is their favorite part of

the sexual experience), JIMMYJANE expanded the concept of adding sensation to your fingertips. By creating

two new compact Pleasure Pods they are bringing electro stimulation into the mix.


The Pleasure Pods of HELLO TOUCH X offer electro stimulation with ten intensity levels and six pulsation

modes. Electro stimulation (referred to as “E-stim” by more experienced users) provides an entirely different

sensation from vibration, from light tingling to intense pulse waves. When the two electrodes are applied to

sensitive areas of the body, a light current of electrons passes between them to stimulate nerves, increase

blood flow, and contract muscles, providing a pleasurable and even orgasm-inducing sensation. The current

of the Pleasure Pods extends beyond the contact point, penetrating deeper into the body than vibration.

Research shows that erotic sensations from e-stim are often more intense than those from vibrators. People

report a heightened sense of touch, arousal and pleasure.


HELLO TOUCH X leverages the same technology as the original HELLO TOUCH—the smallest fingertip

vibrator available, and the only one optimized for both internal and clitoral stimulation. Like the original,

HELLO TOUCH X features two compact Vibration Pods that can stroke, squeeze and surround in sensation,

unlike any other vibrator. With the new USB rechargeable power pack, which fits snugly into an adjustable

wristband, the dual Vibration Pods now deliver 5 times the power in 1/3 the size of any other fingertip

vibrator on the market.


“HELLO TOUCH X introduces a broad spectrum of people to an entirely new experience, for

both couples and individuals. Jimmyjane was founded to disrupt the pleasure product

category, setting a new standard of quality and experience. Our approachable products have

mass appeal, opening the minds of mainstream customers to sexual exploration and new ways

to elevate their relationships. HELLO TOUCH X exemplifies this movement. It is for anyone

looking to beyond the status quo, enhancing and reinvigorating this significant area of our

lives – our sexuality.” – Robert Rheaume, President of Jimmyjane.


Until now erotic e-stim devices have remained on the fringe of mainstream society. Electro stimulation

devices emerged in the 1950s, using pulse wave electricity to deliver a current of electrons to the body.

Since then, the method has been used in physical therapy with TENS and EMS machines for pain

management, tissue repair, increasing lymphatic blood flow, massage and muscle toning. The medical

community has used electro stimulation, in combination with kegel exercises, to strengthen the pelvic floor

muscles and treat urinary incontinence. Studies found that this treatment lead to stronger PC muscles and

better overall sexual function. The sexual uses of electro stimulation emerged in the 1980’s. Low- intensity

currents are used with “erotic e-stim” for pleasure and more intense sensations are employed for light S&M



With intensity levels on a scale of 1 – 10, HELLO TOUCH X is a perfect product for couples looking to

dabble in S&M play. Research shows that couples that engage in BDSM experience lowered levels of cortisol,

increased bonding, and heightened sexual arousal. E-stim is an ideal way to test the pleasure/pain boundaries

of S&M. The electrodes deliver perceived pain without the risk of lasting pain or bodily harm. Mainstream

interest in BDSM has been on the rise, often attributed to the popularity of 50 Shades of Grey, which

brought BDSM into the spotlight.


HELLO TOUCH X is the second product in the line of HELLO Adaptable Vibrators. The original HELLO

TOUCH, released in January 2013, became and instant success – honored with a GOOD Design Award and

unprecedented press coverage (for a vibrator), catapulting sex toys into the mainstream conversation. It was

featured on The Today Show, The Rachael Ray Show, CBS’s The Doctors, GQ, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, The

Sunday Times, NY Post, Men’s & Women’s Health, and was called “the best sex toy ever invented,” by the

technology connoisseurs at Gizmodo.


HELLO Adaptable Vibrators offer an approachable way for couples to connect and communicate through

sexual exploration. They have been distilled down to their bare essence, eliminating any excess bulk that

might get in the way. What remains is pure sensation, delivered with the unparalleled quality, durability,

innovation and – above all – pleasure that is the hallmark of Jimmyjane.


HELLO TOUCH X Wearable Vibrators for All retails for $145 and will be available January 14th, 2015 at


Hello Touch X

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