JOPEN Teams Up with Harvard for Sex Week

By on November 4, 2014

JOPEN, the world’s leading luxury pleasure product brand, partners with Harvard University’s Sex Week for the third year in a row. The company is donating products from the popular Vanity Collection.  Items will be distributed to attendees of the workshops during Sex Week.

Harvard’s Sex Week is coordinated by the Sexual Health and Education and Advocacy Throughout Harvard (SHEATH) group. A recognized student-run organization, the group promotes programming that provides a holistic understanding of sex and sexuality.

Workshops Include:

  • Sexy and I Know It: Sex Ed 101
  • What What in the Butt: Anal Sex 101
  • Fifty Shades of False: Kink, Fantasy and Fetish
  • Sexual Health Career Panel

Kirin Gupta, President of SHEATH, says, “SHEATH is very happy to partner with JOPEN for the third year in a row. This year’s program will include many events with a variety of topics for students. Every year attendees enjoy the products donated by JOPEN!”

“JOPEN promotes positive attitudes about sexuality and intimacy. We firmly support educational programs that help inform people about the many different aspects,” says Susan Colvin, President and CEO of JOPEN. “We’re proud to support SHEATH in their mission to raise awareness during Harvard Sex Week.”

Vanity is made by JOPEN, a global luxury pleasure product company.  Form and function are the cornerstones of all JOPEN designs.  Creating elegant, body-safe products that contribute to greater intimate pleasure is JOPEN’s primary mission.

Robin Stewart, Brand Manager for JOPEN, says, “We love supporting SHEATH and are once again happy to be involved with all their fabulous educational programs. Thank you for having JOPEN as one of your sponsors, we fully support all your amazing efforts!”

This year, Harvard Sex Week takes place November 2nd through November 8th. For more information visit the Harvard Sex Week’s website.

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